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You want to promote your horse’s holistic health – and we have an array of products that can address specific ailments and make your horse peppier and better toned in general.

Nutra-Glo is a prebiotic that has tremendous potential to help horses with weight gain, coat maintenance, hoof quality and more! Our InHarmony product has dozens of amino acids and trace minerals to give your horse the nutrients that promote good health. Our range of Divine Equine products have essential uses for immune-boosting, helping with healthy liver and kidney function, and other types of “herbal remedies” for conditions that can leave your horses in poor health.


On the feed side, we have horse, hog and chicken feed that are made with non-GMO ingredients – and farmers who have tried them will tell you that feeding your animals healthier will make them healthier, and get them to produce better every time.


We want you to see first-hand how these supplements and feeds work! Take a look and let us know if you have any questions about feeding your horses right.