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“I have a 12-year-old Tennessee Walker horse named Star, who is also a paint … she has always been slow, but last spring, she developed Moon Blindness and became very sick … we kept her in her stall, and she stood with her eyes closed and her head down … the vet told me that I could take her to Ohio State, and that it would be $1000 in the door or I could put her down. She recommended that I put her down and get another horse … (the chiropractor) examined Star and said that she did have EPM. He gave me three cans of Glorify … the first week after she had taken Glorify, her eyes were dry and fully opened! – her Moon Blindness was gone! Your Glorify healed my horse … we have since used it on our daughter’s quarter horse Savanna, who developed EPM also … thank you for saving our Star and Savanna!”

– Deb and Ken McMunn

“It works! The horse we are treating is a three-year-old – he had no pulling power in the hind end, also very narrow – he is putting on weight in the hindquarters and is starting to drive like a standardbred should, with snap and energy – before this he was absolutely. lethargic – thanks a lot!”

– the Zimmermans

“As a farrier, I see first-hand the result of Divine Equine’s natural products. It’s amazing to see horses turn five to ten years younger, especially when people have given up after trying everything.”

–    Elmer Ebersol

“26-year-old Teddy has been on Glorify and Inharmony since 2009. It keeps him looking great and the EPM under control.”

–    Jodie Ottilie, NJ

“One day my Belgian yearling out on pasture had a hard time picking her head up, and was walking somewhat uncoordinated. I gave her InHarmony and Glorify. Today as a four year old she is still working fine even though she shows some damage from the EPM – I believe Divine Equine products did the job!”

–    Dale Stoltzfus