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Natural and Organic Equine Supplements

Treat your horses to nutritious, top-quality equine products from Log Cabin Horse Farm. We’re your trusted source for natural and organic horse supplements that are specially formulated to ensure your horses’ optimal health. Using our top-of-the-line products also means you won’t have to rely on ones with unnecessary filler ingredients that offer no real benefits. Instead, you’ll be giving your horses what they need to stay healthy.

Equine Products You Can Trust

How can your horses benefit from equine supplements from Log Cabin Horse Farm? You may be asking yourself this question if you are normally careful about the diets of the horses you own. Unfortunately, a horse’s nutritional needs aren’t completely filled by their regular diet alone. This is why we offer equine products and digestive supplements for horses that can fill in these nutritional gaps to ensure your animals get the nutritional benefits they need and deserve.

But why are equine supplements so important? The primary reason is because the modern equine diet has changed over the years. A century ago, horses typically grazed on large pastures that included a variety of grasses, herbs, and plants. This made it easier for horses to get the nutrients they needed from simply grazing throughout spacious outdoor environments.

Today, however, horses are often limited to small areas without access to spacious, nutrient-rich pastures that offer a natural dietary variety. This often means a diet of grass, grain products, and legume hays and the potential for nutritional shortfalls and digestive issues. Current farming practices have also significantly reduced the nutritional profile of the hays commonly sold to feed to horses.

If you use equine supplements from Log Cabin Horse Farm, however, you can make up for nutritional deficiencies while also helping your horse benefit more from enhanced grain products in a way that’s still good for their digestive system. Our top-quality equine products are designed to provide a comprehensive nutritional blend.

Reliable Herbal Supplements for Horses

Log Cabin Horse Farm is proud to offer a variety of superior-quality equine supplements that address a wide assortment of common horse problems. We offer herbal supplements for horses that can help your equine friends with issues that include:

• Immune system concerns
• Liver and kidney issues
• Pain and/or joint inflammation
• Hormone problems
• Leg injuries
• Amino acid and trace mineral deficiencies

Because we care about horses just as much you do, our equine supplements are made using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. What’s more, equine products from Log Cabin Horse Farm never include any unnecessary filler ingredients, so your horses will only be getting what they need most.

Top-Quality Digestive Supplements for Horses

One way horse owners often deal with nutritional deficiencies is to turn to grain products enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, digestive issues can occur since horses’ digestive systems aren’t designed for a high-grain diet. This is why the equine supplements we offer include the extra nutrients horses need, which means you can treat your horses to a more balanced, less grain-rich diet. High-quality digestive supplements for horses from Log Cabin Horse Farm fully support a horse’s hind-gut by offering an essential blend of ingredients.

Need Quality, Nutrient-Rich Equine Supplements? Contact Us Today

If you’re a horse owner on the hunt for the highest quality equine supplements and products, look no further than Log Cabin Horse Farm. You can rely on us to provide what you need – and, more importantly, to offer what’s best for your horses! We’re also a trusted company owned by people who are truly passionate about horses. For this reason, we’re fully focused on offering like-minding people top-notch equine products designed to keep horses happy and healthy for many years.

Contact the friendly, knowledgeable team at Log Cabin Horse Farm today for more information about our nutrient-rich herbal and digestive supplements.



Mud is for tired legs and the healing of equine leg injuries

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As a prebiotic, there are no live micro-organisms in Nutra-Glo. This makes it safer for your animals, easier to prepare and store, and delivers the health benefits of a live probiotic product, without the risks.

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